the princess diaries (curlywurlies) wrote in paedorific,
the princess diaries

Hamster (Hammy, Ruffles)

42 year old Hamster, also known as Hammy or Ruffles to close friends loves running in his wheel. He has his own open plan studio apartment. There is woodchip all over the floor and he likes to snuggle up in it whilst watching Animal Hospital infront of his little hamster tele with a bowl of nuts. This is his favourite food, as well as grains. He likes sipping water out of his bottle, it's so good and makes him feel refreshed. To keep his teeth from growing too big he chews on his toilet paper tubes, and sometimes for fun he walks through the tubes. Hammy loves children but is known to perform LEWD OR LASCIVIOUS ACTS WITH CHILD UNDER 14 YEARS and nips their hand if they stroke his fur the wrong way. He is adament that a hamster under the age of 14 is not a child and is able to makes its own decisions.
He is 5'10" tall and 250lbs which is fairly big for a hamster. He admits he is a rodent but insists he is NOT a love rat lol.
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