little judy brown-eyes (schjaey) wrote in paedorific,
little judy brown-eyes

Robert Lee Swanson (Bobby)

HAI YOUNG LADIEZ/BOYZ!!! Self confessed N00B to the nonce game (only 19 years old!) but willing to learn. Previously charged with LEWD OR LASCIVIOUS ACTS WITH CHILD UNDER 14 YEARS, free of scars or marks. Also free of any other known alises. Robert says "The only thing better than a young child, is a young child MOLESTOR!". Friends say Robert has a GSOH and the child he molested says he is a gentle lover. Robert says he takes his fashion/hair tips from a mix of Queer Eye and Eminem. He's a real deligh, let me tell you. So if you're in the HUMBOLDT area why not give him a call, while he's young and fresh!

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