the princess diaries (curlywurlies) wrote in paedorific,
the princess diaries

Robert Thomas Bauer

Robert's been single for 18 months now as due to the nature of his work he doesn't get a lot of time for girls. Robert works in the entertainment business as a Louis Walsh lookalike. When he's not cruising student bars up and down the country he likes nothing better than to kick back with a glass of wine or to engage in some LEWD OR LASCIVIOUS ACTS WITH CHILD UNDER 14 YEARS. Robert's main passion is showbiz, although he does admit it's not always what it's cracked up to be "People make out it's all glitz and glamour but it's not. Two weeks ago I was getting a Pukka Pie at the Esso garage just off M25 after an appearance in Croydon. Charity event it were. I was standing by the chocolate bars when some youths came and happy slapped me. It's left me with a SCAR ABDOMEN."
He's from SACRAMENTO but travels for work, and will travel for the right lady. He prefers blondes- the younger the better! LOL
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