little judy brown-eyes (schjaey) wrote in paedorific,
little judy brown-eyes

Gary Don Johnson

A self confesed Werewolf, Gary Johnson is a pussycat at heart, although Gary warns that he can sometimes be a tiger. Upon full moons Gary transforms into a giant wolf and has been know to KIDNAP CHILD UNDER 14 YEARS TO COMMIT LEWD OR LASCIVIOUS, CRIMES AGAINST CHILDREN/LEWD OR LASCIVIOUS, LEWD OR LASCIVIOUS ACTS WITH CHILD UNDER 14 YEARS, pull lampposts out of the ground, ANNOY/MOLEST CHILDREN, howl. If you can see past these flaws of types you can get fun and friendly with a 165lb transient of love. Gary's friends say he looks like Matthew Perry, and ask if he could BE any furrier. Gary enjoys a joke with pals, but insists he has a serious side too. As exhibited upon his financial bankruptcy and the spiral of depression that followed.
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