little judy brown-eyes (schjaey) wrote in paedorific,
little judy brown-eyes

Tom Hanks

I would walk a (the) GREEN MILE to see your (BIG) GreenSMile (green mile). If are you SLEEPLESS IN SEATTSMILE? Dont CAST (me) AWAY like some kind of a TOY (STORY). When I go to the woods, I am not a FORREST G(R)UMP. So don't TURN(ER) your back on me and be a HOOCH(ie). My favourite color is GREEN {mile) (the). So do THAT THING YOU DO! to MR JINGLES (tom hanks) and I will SPLASH in your (THE) TERMINAL. I'm better than a sex TOY (STORY 2). When it comes to ANNOY/MOLEST(ing) CHILDREN I am in (A)LEAGUE OF (THEIR) my OWN! So CATCH ME IF YOU CAN, maybe take a ride on my POLAR(penis) (S)EXPRESS and before you know it, YOU'VE GOT (a) MALE, but beware as I am known to be a (THE) LADYKILLER(S)(green mile) I'll take you on a ride higher than APOLLO 13(houstonwehaveaproblem)(green mile). People tell me there is plenty more fish in the sea but when i se you I got my (DRAG)NET and I (DRAG)NETted you. I DRAG(NET)ged you for a (THE GREEN)MILE but it was worth it and we ate PHILADELPHIA on toast (GREEN MILE)(THE)(THE GREEN MILE)
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